- Danielle LaPorte, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life
Shawna Warner, Colorado
Jane Melross, Tasmania, Austrailia

Podcast Episodes

When you can wear fake UGGS!!! [DEEP DIVE]

"Why is Koren talking about FAKE UGGS??" Growing up poor with a lot of shame around money, Mocassin shoes and UGG boots were a big teacher for me.  In this podcast I talk about money shame, fitting in and belonging and the lessons you will learn from overcoming the shaming from our cultural beliefs. LISTEN HERE WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER How moccasins meant I … more

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable [MINISODE]

Feeling uncomfortable. Want to run away? Want to hide? I get it. And here I'm asking you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Join me today as I dive into why we don't want to be uncomfortable + how you will actually benefit from becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. And I'll also share with you why the altnerative sucks. LISTEN HERE WHAT YOU … more