- Danielle LaPorte, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life
Shawna Warner, Colorado
Jane Melross, Tasmania, Austrailia

Podcast Episodes

Pressure [MINISODE]

Our lives are filled with pressure.  It's not about avoiding pressure, but about the ability to withstand pressure and move through it.  Not to be taken down from pressure. LISTEN HERE MENTIONED ON THE SHOW pressure is normal it is something you can get used to no need for unnecessary pressure/drama build your pressure muscle Surround … more

Belonging [Deep Dive]

unsplash-logoSebastián Villegas The one thing I know for sure is we all want (and need) a place to belong. In this Deep Dive, I discuss the difference our desire to belong over fitting in. LISTEN HERE MENTIONED ON THE SHOW fitting in vs. belonging finding our tribe/community perfection + belonging our fear self-hatred creating … more