- Danielle LaPorte, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life
Shawna Warner, Colorado
Jane Melross, Tasmania, Austrailia

Podcast Episodes

Pamela Slim: Her Body of Work [Wisdom Wednesday]

The new world of work is unpredictable. How do you put together your eclectic background with your values and do work you enjoy?   Pamela Slim helps people find success and happiness in the new world of work.  She too has had a diverse work history as a martial arts director + teacher, a former corporate manager, entrepreneur, and acclaimed author of Escape from … more

How She Really Does It with Koren Motekaitis | What you seek...is inside of you

What you seek…is inside of you [DEEP DIVE]

We all have needs or things we’re seeking. Sometimes it’s belonging, love, appreciation, or tenderness. Sometimes it’s accountability, ownership, and validation. Instead of looking externally for these things like we’ve been conditioned to do, I invite you to look inwards. Because friends, the truth is that everything you seek is already inside of you. Now I … more