- Danielle LaPorte, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life
Shawna Warner, Colorado
Jane Melross, Tasmania, Austrailia

Podcast Episodes

Energy vampire [DEEP DIVE]

When we are anxious or self-conscious about how others perceive us, we can sap the energy from the people around us, and more often than not, people don’t like that. However, we might not recognize that the energy that we bring into a situation is what is pushing others away. Trying to be perfect in everything you do over-taxes your system and takes away from the … more

Sitting on the sidelines of your life [DEEP DIVE]

Oftentimes, we feel like we aren’t fully engaged in our lives, be it because of social media or not wanting to leave our comfort zone. It can feel safer on the sidelines, but it can be painful just waiting for things to come to us on their own. Getting off the sideline can be difficult, but once we are on the stage of our lives, it is incredibly empowering to … more