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Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
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How She Really Does It Koren Motekaitis | I’m such a perfectionist

I’m such a perfectionist

Do you ever get home from work and find yourself dwelling on the one thing that went bad that day rather than celebrating the many good things you achieved? It doesn’t take long to acknowledge ourselves, yet it’s something perfectionists rarely do. Focusing on thriving is a survival instinct, but let me tell you, you do not need to be surviving right now. This … more

How She Really Does It Koren Motekaitis | The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, paving the way for the holidays, it is normal to feel excitement as well as resentment. After all, we often look forward to an idealized notion of the holidays, rather than the reality of what we may experience at that time of the year. It can bring us joy to meet with people we don’t have a chance to see as much as we’d like to, … more