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How She Really Does It Koren Motekaitis | What do I need?

What do I need?

While I was on vacation, we went biking as a family. My kids have biked their whole lives, we feel really comfortable, and I am proud that my family has such a great skillset when it comes to this. I have two collegiate athlete daughters, aged 20 and 22. They are young, fit, strong, and fast, and nowadays, I’m not at that level. I am a middle-aged woman and I move … more

How She Really Does It Koren Motekaitis | The highlight reel

The highlight reel

We learn so much from other people’s stories. These are the windows of possibility that enable us to envision what we could have in our own lives. And there are also the highlight reels.  Since I got back from my time off, everyone has been asking how my vacation was. I could say that it was great, it was lovely to get away and it was a wonderful vacation. And that … more