"She will make a difference for you"

woman smiling close up“Koren is able to utilize her experiences, personality and knowledge to help people see that our cultural programming and past experiences cause us to feel and react in a certain way. She opens up our mindsets to really feel what it might be like if we believed in something we different and better for us. I would highly recommend Koren for any high achieving human. She will make a difference for you.”

~ Laura, US

"Next level human"

"Working with Koren makes you a next level human."

~ Summer, US

"A positive influence on my life forever"

friends"When I began, I was in a place where I constantly worried about what other people thought of me. I'm still working on this, but now I know to value the opinions of people who have earned that right, not those who are shouting at me from the cheap seats. Working with Koren for this past year has not only changed my life for the better over the course of the year. Our work together will have a positive influence on my life forever."

~ Sara, US

"My ability to help my own clients has improved"

"My coaching has been amplified and my ability to help my own clients has improved."

~ Crystal, Canada

"Full transformation has occurred"

path in the woods"I thought I lived a full life before working with Koren. Koren created a safe space where full transformation has occurred. I now am confident to live into all of my values and understand who I am. Thank you to Koren for leading so bravely and encouraging self love and authenticity. This was an experience that my life journey needed so badly and I will be forever be grateful."

~ Mieko, US

"Just trust in her, you will feel better for it!"

"Koren is non judging and is easily the easiest person to talk to! Just trust in her, you will feel better for it!"

~ Sue, California, US

"Koren really sees me"

flower in sunlight"I was lost, didn’t know my feelings and thought I needed to change. Now I have more awareness of my thoughts and feelings and while I am always learning I feel better able to use my voice and know I’m okay just as I am. Koren really sees me and is able to help me see and understand myself better."

~ Donna, Canada

"Koren's teachings and coachings do take root"

"I’ve committed to the best possible outcome. I am more hopeful because I believe I am enough. Koren’s teachings and coachings do take root."

~ Rose

"Now - I am showing up, living"

window in white room"I was in a dark hole of shame, scarcity and fear. Stuck in perfectionism that prevented me from living life. Now- I am showing up, living, taking up space in the world, owning my voice, and being a leader in many ways. It is safe, supportive and enriching to work with Koren as she helps you see your windows of possibilities. Thank-you."

~ Lori, Canada

"From just being a people manager to being a leader"

"After taking this class I was able to move from just being a people manager to being a leader."

~ Justin, US

"More comfortable in my own skin"

man looking at laptop“Koren's coaching helped me work through feelings and emotions that held me back in relationships at home and in my profession. The combination of her coaching, weekly reflections and listening to her podcasts was highly effective to lay the foundation of a practice that will have long lasting and positive impact in my life. I have become more comfortable in my own skin. I have developed more confidence in my ability to communicate feelings to others. To have difficult conversations at work, in relationships and family.”

~ Matt, East Coast, US

"I find it so enriching for my life"

"The level of vulnerability that we all have... I don't have it anywhere else in my life to this degree. I find it so enriching for my life. It helps me step into my stories and own them better. "

~ Brenda, Australia

"I wanted to feel my own worthiness ... and I do"

woman holding up smiley face mouth on a post it"Give yourself the gift of committing 100% and I don't think you'll be disappointed. In the beginning I had to fight my skepticism, my pattern of deciding in the middle that maybe this wasn't the right move, etc. and commit to the absolute best case scenario and it was totally worth it. I wanted to feel my own worthiness, my joy, my connection, my confidence in my bones and I do."

~ Yvonne

"You will be amazed at your strength"

"Reach out if you are ready to change your life. It will be hard, you will want to walk away but when you stick with it, you will be amazed at your strength."

~ Sylvia, US

"I didn't know that I could change"

butterfly"A year ago I was at the absolute bottom of where I could be. I was anxious and very tense all of the time. I didn’t know life without that tension. A lot of the process was recognizing that that tension was there. I knew there were changes I wanted to make, and to some degree I wanted my thoughts, the way I look at things, challenged so I could see what was going on. And then having been challenged [by Koren], I chose to do something different. And that’s what has been helpful over the last year. I didn’t know that I could change. I think it’s going through the process as much as anything is just-- committing to an outcome. I still have the same job, married, the only thing that’s changed is me. A year ago I didn’t feel emotionally able to deal with a lot of things that were going on. Now I can look back and say yes, I have evolved."

~ Steve, UK

"I am not alone"

"There's definitely something about the group process where you learn so much more about yourself from listening to everybody else in the group. A big part of it for me is the realization that I am not alone. "

~ Donna, Canada

"I feel better about my body and my life than I ever thought possible"

wire heart in sand"For the first time in my life, I feel like my body and I are on the same side; I have put down the self abuse and chosen self-love. I feel better about my body and my life than I ever thought possible. Thank you, Koren, for freeing me from the bonds of white knuckle dieting!”

~ Terri, Florida, US

"Koren knows how to dig deep and hold space"

calm water Three biggest pieces of evidence of change during the coaching partnership: “The biggest was a sense of calm…less self criticism. Being a compassionate observer. Learning to step back after what felt like a failure and know that it was a learning experience and to move forward without feeling shame or dread. Knowing how to set boundaries with emotionally charged people in my life. Koren is great! So much knowledge! Knows how to dig deep and hold space. I love that she is a very grounded person. Koren is very real and authentic.”

~ Jenny

"I have, once again, blown my own mind!"

fireworks“Your words and coaching throughout this process mean so much to me. Your guidance, tough love, and belief in me have truly helped me transcend what I ever thought was possible. I have, once again, blown my own mind! Thank you for being you. I am excited to start this new chapter with you by my side.”

~ Miriam