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Coaching is not just what I do - it's who I am.

The power of storytelling has been a shaping force in my life for as long as I can remember, and my love of personal stories is what inspired me to create my radio program, How She Really Does It. But I know from personal experience that sometimes hearing about someone else’s amazing journey isn’t enough. Sometimes a burst of inspiration scatters and drifts when one doesn't have focused deliberate practice. It’s essential and possible to transform epiphany into results-oriented reality when one is focused, committed and doesn’t go it alone.

And my gift is guiding that transformation as it unfolds.

No goal is too big or small. Whether your challenge is to own your voice, stand in your true power, align with your integrity, cultivate strong connected and authentic relationships or do meaningful work. I will help you gain clarity, create a space for you to deliberately practice and move forward. Together, we’ll work on overcoming obstacles and find ways to make sustainable, lasting change in your life.

Keep reading below to learn about private coaching, or click here for information on my group coaching program, ENOUGH.

Private Coaching

When you enter into a private coaching relationship with me, you are entering a partnership.

There will be no scolding or judgment, no lectures or homework—only a calm, safe space filled with compassion + honesty. We will be partners working through your personal challenges one at a time, and begin building the life you truly want.

We will identify and remove your personal roadblocks, let go of perfectionism, and release self-doubt. In our work together, you’ll cultivate understanding of your own authenticity, work at self-compassion and resilience, and learn to trust your own voice.

I will be on your team, supporting you, urging you to dig deeper, and being by your side as you make breakthrough after breakthrough.

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A year ago, I was too hard on myself and blaming myself for all the ills of my circumstance and the world.

Now it is profound in the way I treat myself. I’m so much quicker to recognize “oh that’s a shame trigger” and it has a different meaning to it.

I am so much more compassionate with myself, love myself and ultimately have compassion and love for others. I have become my own best friend.

Bridgett Chandley,

When we started working together I didn't believe in my own self worth, I didn't believe I was worthy of love and belonging just because I am. 

I deeply, deeply felt that I had to prove myself and be better and more before I would be worthy; I did not believe I was worthy as I was. 

It's been a long journey; it did not happen over night by any stretch of the imagination, but bit by bit I have come to realize that I am worthy of love and belonging right now, right as I am. 

This knowing is a direct result of the work we do together.


My Clients

You’ve read self-help books, gone to seminars, and watched a thousand inspirational movies, but still aren't quite sure how to turn your insights into actions. You want to do high-quality, meaningful work, but your lifelong struggle with perfectionism is getting in the way. You crave connection and belonging, but feel like you’re living in the land of Missed Connections.

That's where I come in as your coach - I help you focus on what you truly want (POSSIBILITIES), identify what may be stopping you (CHALLENGES), and help you commit to practice (IMPLEMENTATION) to move your journey forward.

We may discuss the past on occasion, but only to uncover what is blocking you from moving forward. Therapy analyzes your past and consulting provides expert input on your present, but coaching is about finding clarity from within and moving forward in ways that resonate with you.

I will help you find success and fulfillment on your own terms
I will help you fully show up in your life
I will help you gain clarity, see your truth + embrace authenticity
I will help you create a life aligned with your values, strengths and priorities

I don't care about other people's expectations of what success is supposed to be for you. I only care about what YOUR expectations are for you. I only care about how you determine success in your life.

You dream it, and together we’ll make it possible.

Work With Me

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No matter what you choose to do next, here’s my invitation for you: Do something today — anything at all, no matter how small — that makes you feel excited and grateful to be alive.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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