About Koren

I know you.
And I know why you’re here.

Ok, that sounded creepy. But, friend, it’s the truth!

Tell me if this sounds like you. You:

  • Are highly educated.
    You’ve got more certificates than Victoria’s Secret has underwear.
  • Have high expectations of yourself.
    Because that’s how Type-A personalities operate.
  • Worry about what others think.
    Staying ahead of the game is your game.
  • Constantly strive for approval.
    (And what your mama thinks doesn’t count.)
  • You’re an overachiever

    You’ve risked it all, fallen flat on your face, learned to fear failure, and chosen (whether consciously or not) to shrink the scope of your life.

    Oh, that is you? Huh. Funny. That was me too!

Risk. Fall. Fear. Shrink. Repeat. This cycle has got to change.

You’re so done doing all the things everyone else wants you to do.
You’re ready to:

  • Own your voice.
    Make confidence and authenticity your badge of honor.
  • Be the best you possible.
    Never get lost in the fog of life again.
  • Build a loving relationship with food + your body.
    Because all bodies are beautiful.
  • Create solid, meaningful relationships.
    Nothing fake ever lasts.
  • Do tough but meaningful work.
    Reap the rewards!

If you’ve found yourself here in my corner of this big, beautiful world,
it’s likely because you’re feeling uninspired, exhausted, or unworthy.
Possibly all three.

Let me help you find your path back to your best self.

I’ll teach you to live and dream big. To recognize that you have enough and you are enough. I’ll show you how to make courageous choices at work and at home so you can begin building the life you truly want to live. Together, we’ll unpack what’s holding you back and develop a customized plan for integrating your personal and professional life.

Stop chasing perfection. Stop conforming. Start living your life.


Hi. I'm Koren. In case you were wondering!

Welcome to your new story! Where the coffee’s always fresh and inspiration is always close by.

I partner with overachievers — yep, just like you — to help them become the leaders of their lives. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of how I do that, you probably wanna know who the heck I am!

What makes me qualified to take you from “drowning in overwhelm” to “leader of your life”?


  • I’m a mother, wife, family member, friend, entrepreneur and community builder. Never a dull moment in this rich, full life.
  • I’ve hosted my own radio show, How She Really Does It, for over 15 years and built an archive of 800+ episodes, including interviews with Brené Brown, Daniel Pink, and Danielle LaPorte.
  • For my radio show + podcast “How She Really Does It,” I invite my guests to share their unique success stories, and encourage my listeners to embrace their inner leaders.
  • I’m a Daring Way™ facilitator and Master certified Life + Leadership Coach. In my thirteen years as a coach, I’ve helped hundreds of people release the shoulds and have-tos, and build the lives they truly want to live.
  • Early on, I was confident that higher education would be my ticket to success. So not only did I earn a BA from one of the top universities in the country — University of California, Davis (go Aggies) — I also completed my master’s degree. I then spent 13 years teaching at Sacramento City College before switching gears.


I believe that when we truly listen to others, we can see what is possible within ourselves.

I’m ready to guide you to becoming the leader of your life so you live from your own badassery!

Your next steps: Redefine success. Reframe failure. Realign your inner compass.

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