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S9E7: Turning Disappointment to Delight December 19, 2014

S9E7: Turning Disappointment to Delight

Disappointment is something we all experience in our lives.  How do you move through it?  Does it get you stuck?  Michele Woodward and I talk about turning disappointment into delight. LISTEN HERE

In this conversation we discuss:  moving through ego emotional intelligence #yayme struggle money courage willing to fail Mentioned in this Podcast Michele Woodward… more

Tara Mohr: Playing Big In Your Life December 12, 2014

Tara Mohr: Playing Big In Your Life

Does something in you want to play bigger in your life? Have you been living small, but yearn for more?   Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership playing bigger in work and in life. Her new book, Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message, shares her model for making the journey… more

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June 06, 2014

How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself when someone is trying to hurt you.   When someone is in their own shame storm they are prone to try to hurt you or hook you.  When this happens first off notice how you are feeling.  Do you feel shame?  Do you want to react by fleeing, fighting or freezing?  That… more

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