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Vinnie Tortorich: America’s Angeriest Trainer August 29, 2014

Vinnie Tortorich: America’s Angeriest Trainer

Do you struggle with your weight regardless of how “healthy” you eat and how much you exercise? Vinnie Tortorich is Hollywood’s trainer and he is angry that we have been duped. Vinnie talks about what the fitness industry is really like behind the scenes and why he is angry. Vinnie is the author of his… more

Anna Vocino: Gluten Free Living August 22, 2014

Anna Vocino: Gluten Free Living

How does a half Italian, half Southern-girl go on once diagnosed with Celiac Disease?    Gluten Free seems to be this decade’s buzz words.  I find it all over the grocery store and on foods that have never had gluten.  Anna Vocino is here to talk about her journey into a gluten free lifestyle since… more

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June 06, 2014

How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself when someone is trying to hurt you.   When someone is in their own shame storm they are prone to try to hurt you or hook you.  When this happens first off notice how you are feeling.  Do you feel shame?  Do you want to react by fleeing, fighting or freezing?  That… more

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