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Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia Business School
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life
Shawna Warner, Colorado
Jane Melross, Tasmania, Austrailia

Podcast Episodes


Sharon Lechter: What is Holding You Back? [rebroadcast]

We are revisiting mindset with Sharon Lechter. This is the 2nd of 3 shows I did with Sharon. Enjoy as you explore what is holding you back in your life. What is holding you back from creating the life you want? Sharon Lechter knows from personal experience as well as working with women.  Sharon returns to talk some more about standing in your own power and … more


Sharon Lechter: Rich for Women [rebroadcast]

I talk a lot about mindset on this show.  I am digging up three shows I did with Sharon Lechter about the importance of mindset in our lives. Enjoy the first of three. Think and Grow Rich.  That is a famous title.  In fact, you have heard several interviews with the Napoleon Hill Foundation over the years on this show.  Today’s guest is Sharon Lechter and she is … more