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Brené Brown: Vulnerability, Shame + Daring Greatly November 21, 2015

Brené Brown: Vulnerability, Shame + Daring Greatly

While you may believe successful people don’t have difficult situations this show is here to set you straight.  Because we all have stumbled, lost our way, or only saw closed doors. In this podcast you will find out that this stumbling, falling down and getting your but kicked is actually the true pathway to success when… more

Money + Shame with Mark Butler November 20, 2015

Money + Shame with Mark Butler

Budget-loving finance nerd Mark Butler joins the show.   Before becoming a budget nerd, he was an entrepreneur with business revenue close to $2 million however he always felt broke and not good at money. Mark and I will discuss Money + Shame. “You get to make up your budget.” ~Mark Butler, on How She Really… more

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June 06, 2014

How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself when someone is trying to hurt you.   When someone is in their own shame storm they are prone to try to hurt you or hook you.  When this happens first off notice how you are feeling.  Do you feel shame?  Do you want to react by fleeing, fighting or freezing?  That… more

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