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Abel James: Fat Burning Man April 24, 2015

Abel James: Fat Burning Man

The Fat-Burning Man is here on How She Really Does It.  Abel talks about how he really does it! A leading voice in new media, Abel James is a bestselling author, musician, and talk show host. As the #1 most popular health podcast in 8+ countries, Abel’s award-winning show, Fat-Burning Man, has helped millions reclaim their… more

Mindset + Mind Crack April 17, 2015

Mindset + Mind Crack

Guest co-host Anna Vocino and I talk about our mindsets and the mind crack that gets in our way.  We open our minds to you, to hear how we move through the “mind crack” to create more of what we really want. “Where are you rooted?  In fear or shame or in compassion?   Get… more

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June 06, 2014

How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself when someone is trying to hurt you.   When someone is in their own shame storm they are prone to try to hurt you or hook you.  When this happens first off notice how you are feeling.  Do you feel shame?  Do you want to react by fleeing, fighting or freezing?  That… more

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