Trusting Yourself

An on demand, digital workshop with accompanying 8 page workbook!

Do you find yourself taking polls in your life? Asking what others think so you can affirm your own decisions?

I get it. I used to survey 20 people before I would allow myself to trust my own inner wisdom. I was afraid of trusting myself. And frankly it’s so easy to lose trust in ourselves. We are often our own worst critic and know all the imperfections of our inner selves.

When we don’t trust ourselves we:
✦ Don’t fully show up in our lives.
✦ Don’t go after what we want.
✦ Silence ourselves as we are too afraid to use our voice.
✦ Don’t ask for what we desire.
✦ Stay small in our lives.

Trusting ourselves is key to the foundation of who we are and how we interact with others. We’ve been misinformed by culture to trust other people’s opinions and beliefs over our own.

Who is this workshop for?


The workshop is ideal if you are struggling with trusting yourself. Do you go around and take a poll of everyone’s opinion? Do you not share what you believe because you are afraid you could be wrong?

This workshop is for you so you can learn how to trust yourself and be confident in who you are, what you believe so you can use your voice and stop being small in your life.

Trust yourself, be confident with yourself, your decisions and your ability to figure things out.

Trusting Yourself

What you're going to learn:

✦ Discover the steps to trusting yourself.

✦ Uncover the obstacles in the way of trusting yourself.

✦ A step by step process to cultivating self-trust.

✦ Insights that you will continue to take into action even after the workshop.

What you'll receive:

✦ The Trusting Yourself workshop (120 min)

A 10 page printable workbook for you to implement what is taught in the workshop

Technical support : Email us at if you need assistance with the video or workbook

About me

Koren Motekaitis


My name is Koren Motekaitis. I’m a master certified life coach and a trained Daring Way™ facilitator, the incredible program based on the extensive research of Dr. Brené Brown. For the past 13 years, I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of clients in the areas of shame, self-love, self-compassion, and the cultivation of belonging in their life… while letting go of the ruthless pursuit of perfection.

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Trusting Yourself