What is SELF DOUBT costing you?

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➤ You are in constant chaos about your schedule. Your to-do list is endless and you can never get on top of it

➤ You struggle making decisions or worrying that you made the wrong decision

➤ You aren’t confident in social situations, you feel like you’re always trying to make connections but you also feel sick of faking it

➤ You have guilt about spending money on what you want, even though you have the money.

➤ You are always reacting to people in your life -- your kids, coworkers, family, partner -- instead of being proactive about your needs and wants, and having boundaries

➤ You find yourself constantly soothing with food, booze, TV and shopping to unwind at the end of the day 

➤ All your best intentions -- to work out more, to meditate, to get sleep, to make deeper friendships, to pursue creative goals -- never seem to happen.

Now, imagine this.

Imagine yourself in a really stressful situation. You open your credit card bill. Your boss is upset with you. Your child is struggling academically or emotionally. A friend says something that hurts your feelings. You get a scary health diagnosis. 

How would you normally deal with that? Overwhelming emotions? Tuning out and watching Netflix? Feeling horrible about yourself and being too ashamed to ask for support? Going down a spiral of distress and anxiety thinking about the future? Binge eating comfort foods or cracking open a bottle of wine? 

What if, instead, you could ground yourself in confidence? 

What if your response was to take a deep breath and remind yourself: 

I can figure things out.

I can ask for help.

I don't have to solve every problem.

I am resourceful.

I can do hard things.

I will get through this.

I can feel painful feelings and also experience good feelings.

Sounds pretty good, right? 

I’m here to tell you, this is POSSIBLE for you.