Weight Loss Coaching Circle

What if you trusted yourself with food?

What if you could stop counting calories?

What if you never had to worry about food?

What if you loved your body?

What if you could lose weight without dieting? The only sustainable way.
“The journey is just that.. fun, challenging and so rewarding. And in the process I have now lost almost 65 pounds.

I can now eat one cookie and be done. I can stop when I am full and eat when I am hungry. I can travel, eat in restaurants and still maintain my fitness. I no longer beat myself up.” ~Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant, California

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Do you want to lose weight without dieting?

Self-Study e-course

  • 6 part course
  • 6 weeks
  • on nourishment
    with food + body
  • Cost: $137

Group Coaching

  • coach lead
  • 6 months
  • circle of women
  • space to practice
  • learn with others
  • 1-1 sessions available
  • Cost: $800 – $2200

1-1 coaching

  • Individual focused
  • customized for YOU
  • Your timeframe
  • A true partnership
  • Compassionate space
  • Do your deep work
  • Cost: $3000 – $7000
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If you want private coaching, contact me via email to set up a 15 minute free consult for private coaching.

The Weight Loss Coaching Circle

Here is a process that is truly helping women lose weight

Read what participants say about being in the Circle:

“Working with Koren is energizing and empowering. She is a force of nature – someone who can take you from stuck and frustrated to empowered + free. If you want to create lasting change in your life, she is the best kind of ally.”
~ Andrea Scher, Superhero Life

Working with Koren has been a wonderful experience for me. She has an open, honest, and nonjudgemental approach to coaching that allows her clients to safely explore the issues in their lives that are causing them pain. She is gently direct and relentlessly patient and compassionate as she works to teach her clients the skills needed to recognize the issues in their lives that are causing them pain and how to deal with them.”
~ M.G., PhD, Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant

“I would recommend this circle to others. WLCC has helped give me the tools to make positive changes. I have been studying the principles of Geneen Roth, and while I fully believe everything she says I always had a hard time applying her guidelines to my life. Koren has given me clearly defined steps to help me succeed and keep me accountable and true to myself.”
~ Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant

I waffled for a while about whether to join the coaching circle. My concerns were two-fold: first, that I would just be spending more money on something that wouldn’t work and I would be no better off than I was before, and second, that I would have to give up dieting, a way of life I am so familiar with. What I didn’t realize consciously was that there was a deeper concern I was grappling with: that I would finally have to face myself squarely and address those reasons that I both soothe myself and hurt myself with food.
~ Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant

I’m so glad I convinced myself to join! Not only have I lost some weight, but I have learned so much already. For the first time (perhaps ever), I am really getting in touch with myself, and in the process, enjoying my food more than ever. More than that, I am finally learning to stop beating myself up over everything and giving myself permission to love and care for myself. Finally, Koren has given me support to face those difficult thoughts about myself that lead me to overeat. If you are ready stop battling food and start loving yourself, I’d definitely recommend the circle to you.”
~ Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant

I really enjoyed the phone session yesterday. It was fun, relieving, and boosted my hope. You ARE really good at this!”
~ Liz, Weight Loss Coaching Circle participant


Who Else Wants to Lose Weight Without Dieting?


I will never share your email address with anyone, period.



The Circle has 12 group calls via phone.

Dates: Sept 3 + 24, Oct 8 + 22, Nov 5 + 19, Dec 3 + 17, Jan 7 + 21, Feb 4 + Feb 18

Time: 9am PT | 10 pm MT | 11 pm CT | 12 pm ET

The Circle will meet twice a month in a confidential group tele-conference. For you non-techies, don’t let tele-conference scare you. All you need to do is use your phone to make a phone call. No techie skills required.

There is enough overwhelm and busyness in your life. For the Circle there is NO online place where you need to hang out, get caught up on, cheerlead others, etc. My members find the space between calls and the Weekly Wednesday emails (from me) enough for them to process and practice the work we do. My intention is to give you the space to practice what you learn in this 6 month Circle so you can really implement what you will understand intellectually.


  • Recorded Circle calls (so you can always listen again to the call)
  • 7 digital workbooks. This is the place for you to practice and get connected with YOU on a deeper, private level.
  • Weekly Wednesday email – short email from me to the Circle. Full of insight, inspiration, information and something to practice.
  • Bonus podcasts and resources for YOU.
“The Circle is eye-opening in so many areas of my life.” ~ D.K. Circle member


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Get your inspiration + possibility each week Inspiring stories + takeaways delivered weekly with a smile. If this is possible for them, what is possible for you?


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