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- Danielle LaPorte,
Author of The Fire Starter Sessions

November 02, 2012

Andrea Scher

What does courage mean to you?  Do you wish you had more?  Andrea Scher is the author of the popular blog, Superhero Journal.  Andrea teaches an online e-course Cultivating Courage and she discusses her own journey with courage and how you can practice courage in your life.

We discuss:

  • What courage means
  • Has Andea ever felt like she didn’t have courage
  • How to build courage
  • Dealing with uncertainty + courage
  • Why she created Cultivating Courage course

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I hope this interview helps you know that courage is possible for you.   We can all develop our courage and help it grow like a muscle that needs to strengthen.  If you enjoy this week’s interview, please share it with friends, either by email or using the social media buttons below.