You hit all the right notes in our interview. You're taking people where they want to go... with persistently great -- and meaningful -- questions about how to make things happen in your life.
- Danielle LaPorte,
Author of The Fire Starter Sessions

June 12, 2009

John St. Augustine

john-staugustineHe hosts his own radio show on Oprah Radio, is the Senior Producer for Dr. Oz’s, Jean Chatzky’s & Bob Greene’s shows and is author of Living an Uncommon Life.  He has been called “the new voice of America” by Bill Kurtis and “the most influential voice on radio” by Cheryl Richardson.  Over twelve years ago, he created a radio show that would be a positive voice in a radio world saturated with cyniscism and negativity.   Listen as we discuss:

  • Living one’s purpose
  • Dealing with fear/choices
  • Importance of mindset